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Business Consulting


Industry financial ratios, cash flow reports, and marketing research from BizMiner. Includes small business and startup industry analysis and financial reports.
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Offers various models and coaching to assist decision-making.
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Resource for freelancers and consultants, with career advice, job listings, columns, tips, and other information.
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ICF International

Provides professional services and technology solutions to energy, environment, transportation, as well as homeland security and defense markets.
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Miller Heiman

Offers process and skills training for organizations to improve sales productivity as well as to solve sales strategy and opreational problems.
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RD. Garlock & Associates, Inc

Identifies ways to improve the performance of family businesses.
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SOHO Business Group

Negotiates for member small and home businesses to help obtain corporate rates on various business essentials.
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Teknologisk Institutt ??? Hjemmeside

Has been tasked by the Norwegian Parliament with offering small and medium sized enterprises (SMEs) relevant expertise to improve company know-how, productivity and profitability.
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The Small Business Edge

Helps small business owners align their personal vision, business strategy, and business processes through coaching, consultations, and advisory services.
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