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Alternative Medicine

Complementary and Alternative Medicine for Serious Illness

Columbia University study and online survey on complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) for serious or debilitating illness.
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Health Banquet

Natural health website featuring traditional get well resources and food for inner health and beauty.
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Home Remedies For

The goal of Home Remedies For is to provide you great informative articles about home remedies, homeopathy, and natural cures.
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Information and discussion of various illnesses and their alternative health treatments and prevention.
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La Bibliotheque-Mazdeenne

Description of the science of mazdeenne; free consultation on request only; (in French).
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Natural Cures

Discusses common illnesses, their symptoms, as well as how to prevent and treat them. Also explores how to naturally cure through home remedies and dietary supplements.
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Natural Remedies

Features natural remedies for diseases and conditions such as halitosis, amnesia, and allergies.
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Natural Remedies Nurse

Information on homeopathy, herbs, supplements, diet, and lifestyle remedies for specific illnesses.
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