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Children's Health


Discusses a range of weight issues for children, teens, parents, and healthcare providers.
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Child Health Research Project

Conducts applied research on the major causes of childhood mortality: diarrhea and respiratory diseases as well as malaria, measles and malnutrition.
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Offers ideas for healthy, fun activities, nutritional information thats relevant to kids, and straight talk on the myths and facts surrounding childhood obesity.
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Lets Just Play

Created by Nickelodeon, Lets Just Play is a multimedia, grassroots health and wellness initiative that encourages and empowers kids to be less sedentary, eat better, and live healthier, more positive, and energetic lifestyles.
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Limbkids Support Association, Inc.

Nonprofit voluntary organization comprised of parents, professionals, and interested people concerned with the care of children who have congenital or acquired limb differences.
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Mehta Childcare

Articles about childrens health, diseases, vaccination, and other parenting concerns.
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Plastic Fork Diaries

Follow six middle school students as they experience first-hand the relationship between food and their changing bodies, cultural differences, the vanishing family meal, nutrition, and athletic performance.
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Rainbow Raccoons

Promotes health, education, and safety for kids with stories and pictures.
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Rice Romp

A nutritional and learning guide geared toward grades 4-7. Presented by the United States Rice Producers Association.
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Wallace & Gromits Grand Appeal

Raising money to build the first childrens hospital in the U.K.
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