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1960’s Tom and Jerry bump (Version “B”)

This is an original 1965 syndicated "Tom and Jerry" show bumper which was produced by Chuck Jones' MGM Cartoon Unit director Tom Ray for CBS. This is version B --there were several different ones) Odd

Pink Panther Theme Song

Introductory cartoon scene plus theme song of the movie of "The Pink Panther"

Donald Duck – Crazy over Daisy HQ

1950, high quality. Similar to Trailer Horn, this is an episode where Chip and Dale just pick on Donald without much provocation at all. However, it's so brilliant that I can't help but LMAO nonethel

Mickey Mouse Cartoon – The Moving Day (1936) (Co-starring Donald and Goofy)

This classic Mickey, Donald and Goofy cartoon depicts the three in a bind and they need to move before their furniture is auctioned off. Unfortunately for them their furniture doesn't want to leave an


SOUNDTRACK NOW ON ITUNES: The ultimate cartoon mashup, featuring my 3-year-old son's two favorite things - Thomas the Tank Eng

The Gummy Bear Song With Lyrics Full length English version of I Am A Gummy Bear (The Gummy Bear Song) from the album "I Am Your Gummy Bear". Artist: Gummibär Title: I Am A Gummy Bear Album: I Am Your Gummy